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What do you know about cylindrical roller bearings?

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The inner structure of the cylindrical roller bearing adopts parallel rollers, and between the rollers spacers or spacers are installed, which can prevent the inclination of the rollers or friction between the rollers and effectively prevent the increase of torque.

How to disassemble cylindrical roller bearings correctly?

What is the importance of using a cylindrical roller bearing?

What are the characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings?

How to disassemble cylindrical roller bearings correctly?

To disassemble the outer ring of the cylindrical roller bearing with fixed seat, put several screws for the outer ring to press the screw in advance on the circumference of the housing, and tighten the screw evenly during disassembly. These screw holes are usually closed with blind plugs, dismountable bearings such as tapered roller bearings etc. and several notches are set at the heel of the housing. Use spacers to remove them with a press, or lightly tap to remove them.

Removing the inner ring of a cylindrical roller bearing is easiest with a press. At this time, make sure that the inner ring carries its tensile force. In addition, the shown pull-out clamps are usually used, and no matter what kind of clamps, they must be clamped to the side of the inner ring. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account the size of the shaft shoulder or examine the processing of the upper groove on the shoulder to use the pulling device.

The inner ring of the large bearing is removed hydraulically. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole provided in the bearing to facilitate pulling out. For bearings with large widths, the hydraulic process is used in combination with the puller for disassembly.

The inner ring removal of cylindrical roller bearings can be carried out using the induction heating process. A drawing method in which the part is heated in a short time to widen the inner ring. Where a large number of these bearing inner rings have to be installed, the inductive heating process is also used.

What is the importance of using a cylindrical roller bearing?

cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in large and medium-sized engines, locomotives, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, gear reducers, rolling mills, vibrating screens, as well as lifting and transport machines.

Through the above introduction, you will have a further understanding of cylindrical roller bearings. Once we know the properties and possible applications of cylindrical roller bearings, we will focus on their use in a more targeted manner so that they can function in a suitable place. With the development of advanced technologies, cylindrical roller bearings are becoming more advanced and widely used.

What are the characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings?

1. Cylindrical roller and raceway are in line contact or trimmed line contact with large radial load bearing capacity and are suitable for heavy loads and shock loads.

2. Type N and Type NU are axially displaceable and can adapt to changes in relative shaft and housing due to thermal expansion or mounting errors and be used as free bearings.

3. The machining requirements for parts such as shafts or seat holes are relatively high. After installing the bearing, the axis of the outer ring is relatively skewed, which should be strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentrations.

4. The coefficient of friction is small, suitable for high-speed rotations, and the limit speed is close to that of deep groove ball bearings.

5. Cylindrical roller bearings are separable bearings, the inner ring or outer ring can be separated for easy assembly and disassembly.

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