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NUP2204 E-M1-C3 ECM ECP Cylindrical Roller Bearing 20X47X18

  • NUP2204

  • ALL, OEM

Precision Rating:

NUP2204 E-M1-C3 ECM ECP ECJ Cylindrical Roller Bearing 20X47X18


Model Number: NUP2204

Bearing Dimension: 20X47X18

Inner diameter (mm) d: 20

Outer diameter     (mm) D:47

Width (mm) B: 18

Rolling elements: Roller cylindrical

Type of load perception: Radial

Row: Single row

Manufacturer: CHIK

GOST designation: 92504

Cylindrical roller bearings are used in a wide range of applications across various industries. Some common applications include:

1. Automotive industry: Cylindrical roller bearings are used in automotive engines, transmissions, wheel hubs, and other components that require high load capacity and precision.

2. Industrial machinery: These bearings are commonly used in industrial machinery such as pumps, compressors, gearboxes, and conveyors, where they provide support for heavy loads and smooth operation.

3. Construction equipment: Cylindrical roller bearings are used in construction equipment like cranes, excavators, and loaders, where they can withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions.

4. Mining and quarrying: In the mining and quarrying industry, cylindrical roller bearings are used in crushers, screens, and conveyor systems, where they can handle high radial and axial loads.

5. Steel and metal processing: Cylindrical roller bearings are used in steel mills and metal processing plants, where they support heavy loads in rolling mills, rotary kilns, and other equipment.

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CHIK BEARING produces a wide range of ball and roller bearings for automotive making,​Ferrous Metallurgy, hemical Machinery and Machine Manufacturing .

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