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NSK Single row 38TM03-A-C4 bearing 38TM03

  • 38TM03

  • NSK

  • CHR031


NSK brand ball bearing 38TM03-A-C4/UMEL Deep Groove Ball Bearing Single Row 38TM03 38*85*23MM


NSK 38 TM03-A-C4 ball bearing



SIZE 38x85x23 mm


Angular contact ball bearing 38 TM03-A-C4 NSK, Japan. Compressor bearing. Fits compressor pulleys: Behr,

BOSCH, Diesel KIKI,Ford, Nihon DKV14B, Tecumsh, York, Yetter. Dimensions (dxDxB): 38x85x23 mm.


Besides,we also have the models given as below in Stock:

19BSW07 19x32x7 B25-83 25x58x16 B24Z-2URN 25x63x17 B60-57N 60x101x17.2

32TM12 32x84x15 B27-12B 27x82x19 B25-109 25x52x15 B67-1 67X92x13

40TM11 40x90x19 B27Z-8 27.8x78.5x15 B25-10BC3 25x65x17 B67Z-7 67.5X80X12/13

40TM18VZ 48x80x16 B28-30 28X78X20 B25-139 25x68x18 B75-55NX 75X110X18

60TM04N 60x101x17 B28-31 28X72X17 B25-145 25x63x17 B8-75ZZ 8X24X10/9

65TM02A 65x100x17 B28-34 28X75X19 B25-147 25x62x19 BD22-2ENX1 22X47X20.6

B28-31 28x72x17 B29-11N 29X78X16.5/19 B25-157 25x68x18 BD25-9 25X52X23.5

B29-11 29x78x18 B29-2NX 29x80x18/20 B25-163 25x60x19/27 B8-74 8X22X11

B31-15 31x72x9 B30-120 30x80x21 B25-164ZNXC3 25x60x17/25 BD17-29 17X52X22

B31-16N 31x80x16 B30-126 30x75x20 B25-166 25x67x26 BD25-49NX 25X60X27

B31-26N 31x93x21 B31-1 31x60x17 B25-185V 25x61x20 BD29-2B 29X55X22.5

B31-26N 31x80x16.5 B31-10 31x80x16 B25-19 25x63x18 BD35-12B 35X64X37

B32-33 32x72x15 B31-13 31x93x19 B25-198 25x63x18 BD35-15 35X65X26

B32Z-6 32.5x76x11 B31-15 31x72x9 B25-214 25X62X16 BDZ27-1AUR 27X63X23

B35-200 35X55X9 B31-16A1N 31x80x16 B25-224 25X62X16 BDZ27-2NX 27X60X27

B35Z-7 35.5x95x12 B31-16N 31x80x16 B25-238 25X68X19 BDZ27-3N 27X63X28

B37-10 37x88x18 B31-23N 31X94X21 B25-238NX 25x68x19 BDZ38-1 38X68X26

B37-9N 37x85x13 B31-28N 31x80x16.5 B25-249 25x68x19 BDZ45-1 45X79X26

B43-3 43x73x12 B32-10 32x72x19 B25-254 25x52x22 BDZ56-2 56X84X23.5/25

B43-4 43x87x19.5 B32-10/S 32x72x19 20BC06S12N 20X62X18 6305V46 25X62X17

B45-106N 45x90x17 B32-14NR 32x80x20 29BC06S4N 29X68X10/17.5 SF05B80 25X62X16/17

B45-111E 45x105x21 B32-18NR 32x80x23 27BC07S5N 27X75X18.5 SF06A27 28X78X20

B45-90 45x100x17.9/21 B32-33 32x72x15 28BC06S10 28X64X15 6208Z 40X80X19

B49-5 49x95x18 B32-34 32x80x10 27BCS11 27X82X13X16.5/17.5 TMB6207Z 35X72X18

B49-7 49x87x14 B32Z-6 32.5x76x11 28BCS15 28X72X18 TMB812X1C3 60X78X10

B57Z-8 57.5x80x14 B34Z-5E1 34.288X62X14 BDZ27-2NX 27X60X27 TMBX30/26 26X52X15

B60-57N B60-57NXUR 60x101x17.2 B33Z-12 33.5X76X11 BDZ27-3N 27X63X28 30208 40X80X19.75

B67-1 67x92x13 B35-200 35X55X9 B28-30 28X78X20 6205CS14 25X52X15

B67Z-7 57.5x80x12/13 B35-221 35X72X15 B31-16A1N 31X80X16 6812DDU 60X78X10

DG328012 32.5x80x11.5 B35-27 35.5x95x12 B29-11N 29X78X16.5/19 PB3 27X55X11.5/14.5

DG4880 48x80x16 B35Z-7 35.5x95x12 B31-2NX1 31X75X16.5 KT33X39X26 33X39X26

B40-121 40x72x14 B36Z-10 36X67X29 SX05B76NC3 26X62X11 ZAK34X46X2 34X46X2

B17-123 17x52x21 B37-10 37X88x18 SX05B71NC3 26X69X22.5 ZAK38X57X2.5 38X57X2.5

B17-126D 17x62x17.5 B37-9N 37X85x13 SX05B65NPX1V2 27X82X13X18/17 ZAK62X72X2 62X72X2

B17-127D 17x62x20 B37Z-1 37.8X68X18 SX05B52NPX1V1 27X55X11/14 ZAK42X67X3 42X67X3

B17-136 17x35x10 B39-5 39X86X20 SX05B68NC3PX1V1 27X55X11.5/14.5 ZAK46.5X59.5X5.5 46.5X59.5X5.5

B17-29 17x52x22 B40-121 40X72X14 SX05A47 25X52X15/14 CR-05A31 25X57X11.5/17

B17-47D 17x47x24 B40-123 40X123.2X32 SX05A87NCX30 25X52X15/14 ZAK34X53X2 34x53x2

B17-96 17x47x18 B40-134N 40X100X25 SX06C51NC3PX2V3 32X68X9 KT34X40X23.5 34x40x23.5

B18Z-1B1 18.7x38x10 B40-167A 40X90X19 SX05B12PX1 27X75X19 KT34X40X26 34x40x26

B20-112 20x47x14 B43-1 43X80X17 SX06C51 32X68X9 KT20X24X17 20X24X17

B20-122 20x47x16 B43-2 43X80X17 SX06C02NV1 31X75X16.5 BE-NK44X73X17SNP 44x73x17

B20-141 20x62x16 B43-8 43X87X19.5 SC05A61 26X58X15 BE-NK34X59X20 34X59X20

B20-151 20x52x16 B45-108 45X90x17 SC05B97 26X72X15.5 HK33.5X59X19PX19 33.5X59X19PX19

B20-160 20x52x12 B45-130NX2UR 45X85X15 DG406808-PRP 40X68X7.5 NKI-25X52.5X15 25X52.5X15

B20-161 20x52x14 B49-3 49X90X19.7 DG307217N 30X72X17 NKI25X52.2X15 25X52.2X15

B20-49NR 20x55x15 B57Z-7 57.7X80X13 20BG04S6 20X48X24 BE-NK38.5X67X17 38.5X67X17

B22-19 22x62x17 B58-1 58X104/108X21 RN070720-3 35X68X20 BE-NK36X64X18 36X64X18

B23-9 23x42x7 B60-44 60X130X22/31 RNU080720-1 40X68X20 BE-NKI25X56.4X19 25X56.4X19

NK33X68X20 33X68X20 SF06A69 28X72X15/18 HL-NK35X68X20 35X68X20


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