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NSK B17-99D-2RS Alternator Sealed Ball Bearing B17-99

  • B17-99
  • NSK
  • CHR057

Automotive Alternator Bearing B17-99 B17-99D 17*52*17mm

Other nsk bearings we are supplying :

Besides,we also have the models given as below in Stock:

19BSW07 19x32x7 B25-83 25x58x16 B24Z-2URN 25x63x17 B60-57N 60x101x17.2

32TM12 32x84x15 B27-12B 27x82x19 B25-109 25x52x15 B67-1 67X92x13

40TM11 40x90x19 B27Z-8 27.8x78.5x15 B25-10BC3 25x65x17 B67Z-7 67.5X80X12/13

40TM18VZ 48x80x16 B28-30 28X78X20 B25-139 25x68x18 B75-55NX 75X110X18

60TM04N 60x101x17 B28-31 28X72X17 B25-145 25x63x17 B8-75ZZ 8X24X10/9

65TM02A 65x100x17 B28-34 28X75X19 B25-147 25x62x19 BD22-2ENX1 22X47X20.6

B28-31 28x72x17 B29-11N 29X78X16.5/19 B25-157 25x68x18 BD25-9 25X52X23.5

B29-11 29x78x18 B29-2NX 29x80x18/20 B25-163 25x60x19/27 B8-74 8X22X11

B31-15 31x72x9 B30-120 30x80x21 B25-164ZNXC3 25x60x17/25 BD17-29 17X52X22

B31-16N 31x80x16 B30-126 30x75x20 B25-166 25x67x26 BD25-49NX 25X60X27

B31-26N 31x93x21 B31-1 31x60x17 B25-185V 25x61x20 BD29-2B 29X55X22.5

B31-26N 31x80x16.5 B31-10 31x80x16 B25-19 25x63x18 BD35-12B 35X64X37

B32-33 32x72x15 B31-13 31x93x19 B25-198 25x63x18 BD35-15 35X65X26

B32Z-6 32.5x76x11 B31-15 31x72x9 B25-214 25X62X16 BDZ27-1AUR 27X63X23

B35-200 35X55X9 B31-16A1N 31x80x16 B25-224 25X62X16 BDZ27-2NX 27X60X27

B35Z-7 35.5x95x12 B31-16N 31x80x16 B25-238 25X68X19 BDZ27-3N 27X63X28

B37-10 37x88x18 B31-23N 31X94X21 B25-238NX 25x68x19 BDZ38-1 38X68X26

B37-9N 37x85x13 B31-28N 31x80x16.5 B25-249 25x68x19 BDZ45-1 45X79X26

B43-3 43x73x12 B32-10 32x72x19 B25-254 25x52x22 BDZ56-2 56X84X23.5/25

B43-4 43x87x19.5 B32-10/S 32x72x19 20BC06S12N 20X62X18 6305V46 25X62X17

B45-106N 45x90x17 B32-14NR 32x80x20 29BC06S4N 29X68X10/17.5 SF05B80 25X62X16/17

B45-111E 45x105x21 B32-18NR 32x80x23 27BC07S5N 27X75X18.5 SF06A27 28X78X20

B45-90 45x100x17.9/21 B32-33 32x72x15 28BC06S10 28X64X15 6208Z 40X80X19

B49-5 49x95x18 B32-34 32x80x10 27BCS11 27X82X13X16.5/17.5 TMB6207Z 35X72X18

B49-7 49x87x14 B32Z-6 32.5x76x11 28BCS15 28X72X18 TMB812X1C3 60X78X10

B57Z-8 57.5x80x14 B34Z-5E1 34.288X62X14 BDZ27-2NX 27X60X27 TMBX30/26 26X52X15

B60-57N B60-57NXUR 60x101x17.2 B33Z-12 33.5X76X11 BDZ27-3N 27X63X28 30208 40X80X19.75

B67-1 67x92x13 B35-200 35X55X9 B28-30 28X78X20 6205CS14 25X52X15

B67Z-7 57.5x80x12/13 B35-221 35X72X15 B31-16A1N 31X80X16 6812DDU 60X78X10

DG328012 32.5x80x11.5 B35-27 35.5x95x12 B29-11N 29X78X16.5/19 PB3 27X55X11.5/14.5

DG4880 48x80x16 B35Z-7 35.5x95x12 B31-2NX1 31X75X16.5 KT33X39X26 33X39X26

B40-121 40x72x14 B36Z-10 36X67X29 SX05B76NC3 26X62X11 ZAK34X46X2 34X46X2

B17-123 17x52x21 B37-10 37X88x18 SX05B71NC3 26X69X22.5 ZAK38X57X2.5 38X57X2.5

B17-126D 17x62x17.5 B37-9N 37X85x13 SX05B65NPX1V2 27X82X13X18/17 ZAK62X72X2 62X72X2

B17-127D 17x62x20 B37Z-1 37.8X68X18 SX05B52NPX1V1 27X55X11/14 ZAK42X67X3 42X67X3

B17-136 17x35x10 B39-5 39X86X20 SX05B68NC3PX1V1 27X55X11.5/14.5 ZAK46.5X59.5X5.5 46.5X59.5X5.5

B17-29 17x52x22 B40-121 40X72X14 SX05A47 25X52X15/14 CR-05A31 25X57X11.5/17

B17-47D 17x47x24 B40-123 40X123.2X32 SX05A87NCX30 25X52X15/14 ZAK34X53X2 34x53x2

B17-96 17x47x18 B40-134N 40X100X25 SX06C51NC3PX2V3 32X68X9 KT34X40X23.5 34x40x23.5

B18Z-1B1 18.7x38x10 B40-167A 40X90X19 SX05B12PX1 27X75X19 KT34X40X26 34x40x26

B20-112 20x47x14 B43-1 43X80X17 SX06C51 32X68X9 KT20X24X17 20X24X17

B20-122 20x47x16 B43-2 43X80X17 SX06C02NV1 31X75X16.5 BE-NK44X73X17SNP 44x73x17

B20-141 20x62x16 B43-8 43X87X19.5 SC05A61 26X58X15 BE-NK34X59X20 34X59X20

B20-151 20x52x16 B45-108 45X90x17 SC05B97 26X72X15.5 HK33.5X59X19PX19 33.5X59X19PX19

B20-160 20x52x12 B45-130NX2UR 45X85X15 DG406808-PRP 40X68X7.5 NKI-25X52.5X15 25X52.5X15

B20-161 20x52x14 B49-3 49X90X19.7 DG307217N 30X72X17 NKI25X52.2X15 25X52.2X15

B20-49NR 20x55x15 B57Z-7 57.7X80X13 20BG04S6 20X48X24 BE-NK38.5X67X17 38.5X67X17

B22-19 22x62x17 B58-1 58X104/108X21 RN070720-3 35X68X20 BE-NK36X64X18 36X64X18

B23-9 23x42x7 B60-44 60X130X22/31 RNU080720-1 40X68X20 BE-NKI25X56.4X19 25X56.4X19

NK33X68X20 33X68X20 SF06A69 28X72X15/18 HL-NK35X68X20 35X68X20

1.20 years bearing products manufacturing and 6 years exporting experiences.

2.OEM order and non-standard bearing order can be accepted.

3.Our main bearing products include Deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, angular contact bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, spherical bearings, automotive bearings pump bearings, and many nonstandard bearings are also in our product range.

4.Sample available.

1.deep groove ball bearing 6000,6200,6300,6400,61800,61900,Z,RS,ZZ,2RS

2.spherical roller bearing 22200,22300,23000,24000,23100,24100,CA,CC,E,W33

3.cylindrical roller bearing N,NU,NJ,NN,NUP,E,ECP,ECM,ECJ

4.taper roller bearing 30200,30300,32200,32300,31300,32000

5.Aligning ball bearing 1200,1300,2200,2300,


7.thrust ball bearing 51100,51200,51300,51400,E,M

8.angular contact ball bearing7000,7100,7200,7300,AC,BECBM,C

9.spherical plain bearing GE,GEG,GEEW,U,UC,UG,GX,GAC,SA,SABP

10.Wheel hub bearing /ceramic bearing/plastic bearing/lazy susan bearing


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